Sweet Potato & Black Bean Tortillas

I always call these soft tacos, but the purists hold that only corn shells qualify as real tacos, and I like to use the mini soft tortillas for this dish. Once you have sweet potatoes and/or black beans in a taco, you will never miss the meat again. This recipe involves throwing together ingredients and not really measuring, because leftovers of the stuffing can be used in anything. Just be careful with the spices and add more at the end if you need more. If you make the guacamole from scratch, this dish can take a while; I watched part of a movie on my mini DVD player while I cooked up all the parts.


1 large sweet potato, peeled and chopped into bite-sized pieces
1 can black beans (I only use about half the can, so freeze the rest)
1 green bell pepper, sliced into strips
1 red bell pepper, sliced into strips
1/2 large onion, sliced
Spices that you like (I use liberal amounts of coriander, cumin, Mrs Dash, and other flavourings, but save the salt until the end or the beans will get tough).
Favourite hot sauce

1 very ripe avocado, gutted and chopped or smashed
2 shallots minced, or 1 clove garlic  minced
juice of 1/2 lime
1 Tsp honey
Generous amounts of cumin
I had an heirloom green tomato that I chopped and added, which was fun and sour and crunchy. You can add some chopped regular tomato, and cilantro (if you must!), or other typical guacamole ingredients.

Small or medium tortillas, or real corn tortillas, but hard preformed shells might not work as well because the sweet potatoes could be difficult to stuff into those.
If you want to make your own shells, which are superior and delicious, but time-consuming, here’s a website with instructions.

Toppings, all optional
Chopped lettuce
Grated cheese
Bottled salsa (although this mixture doesn’t really need salsa, if you put enough spices in the sweet potato stuffing)
Sour cream


Cook the sweet potatoes in a skillet in small amount of water or veggie broth until they are soft, adding spices after about 8 minutes (don’t let it go dry, though, adding more liquid periodically, or add oil when you add the other veggies in the next step). Add rest of vegetables from stuffing ingredient list and stir occasionally until softened. Add black beans and stir until heated through. Near the end is also the time to add any hot sauces that you like on your tacos. Add salt to taste, if necessary, but the hot sauce usually takes care of that flavour requirement.

While the sweet potatoes are cooking through, mix up all the ingredients for the guacamole. I left mine chunky this time because I had a perfectly ripe avocado. You can mash the avocado first, though, and then mix everything else in afterward. Extra lime juice is always my favourite sneaky ingredient in guacamole.

When the stuffing is done and beans heated through, heat up a clean pan to at least medium heat and, watching carefully, heat the tortillas, one at a time, on both sides for a few moments, without making them crispy but so that they are heated through. I cannot stress enough how important this step is to get the most enjoyment out of grocery-store-bought tortillas.

After you heat one tortilla, it’s useful to have a helper to stuff the taco for you, so you can keep heating the tortillas. If you’re alone, heat one tortilla and then stuff it, and then heat the next one, don’t leave a tortilla on the heat unattended or it will get too crispy and crack and you’ll wear your taco stuffing down your shirtfront.
On top of lovely heated tortilla, pile some sweet potato/black bean mix, a generous glob of guacamole, a sprinkle of cheese, a sprinkle of lettuce, and a dollop of salsa, maybe an extra squirt of hot sauce, especially if you’re using the chipotle hot sauce that I’m mad about lately. Fold shell gently over stuffing, inhale. OMG these are amazing (sorry there’s no pic, but I ate these before I remembered to get out my camera; see others’ pics online).

If you want exact measurements for this type of dish, you can try this recipe I found online at Naturally Ella.


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