Adult popsicles

Ice pops

Delicious frozen fruit treats made easily with these lovely ice pop molds.

Yes, these have liquor in them and are remarkably easy to make.

I bought some President’s Choice bar pop molds at my local Fortino’s grocery store, and finally decided to use them.

Ingredients: your fruit of choice, your liquor of choice, and your combining fluid of choice.

I used a handful of fresh strawberries, washed, hulled, and cut into chunks. Placed these in a large bowl with a handful of frozen raspberries. Then I dumped in half a can of thawed limeade concentrate [found in your freezer section next to the cans of orange juice] (the limeade or other frozen fruit punch provides the sugar, so you don’t have to make your own simple syrup). I splashed in about one-third cup of tequila and a few teaspoons of Grand Marnier, about 1/2 cup water, and whizzed the whole mixture with my handheld kitchen blender. I didn’t blend it very long, because I still wanted a few fruit chunks, but the colour brightened up nicely when I did start the mixing process. I poured it into the ice-pop molds, using a small measuring cup with a teensy spout, so it was less messy. Placed these in the freezer and enjoyed one the next day. They are so delicious, if a little bit sour, which I like very much, but if you like sweet treats, then maybe use a sweeter fruit drink or prior to freezing add some sugar melted in the water (heat over stove for a little while; here’s a link to making simple syrup). I could definitely taste the alcohol, and it was saucy!


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