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Savoury breakfasts

On long weekends, I typically try to squeeze in one of my favourite savoury breakfasts, such as a big fry-up with all the trimmings, the newly discovered tahini on toast (thanks to another poster right here on this blog!), or my ultimate favourite: mashed avocado on toast.

This post won’t be so much a recipe as a list of ways to make your weekend breakfasts more savoury in some fun ways. I like French toast and syrup, but some mornings I just want to eat less sweet.

Mash a very ripe avocado and spread on favourite bread, thick-sliced and toasted. While plain avocado is practically perfect, I also like to add a little honey, lime juice, and cumin to my mashed avocado. It’s also great with a few hot pepper flakes.

Been thinking about savoury French toast lately: why not? Oh, I just found this recipe in a quick search: looks amazing!

Corn muffins with bacon and cheese, oh that sounds amazing! Or with smoky-flavoured crisped tempeh and red peppers.

Tim Horton’s makes a quick breakfast wrap with a spicy savoury sauce: easy peasy to make at home, a little egg, a little meat or tempeh, a little spicy sauce or salsa: voila!

Chicken and waffles are spectacular together, why not put less sweetener in the waffle mix and serve them with a hearty gravy? Or mushroom gravy? Oh, yes!

Roasted tomatoes are a thing of beauty. On toast. (I just saw online roasted tomatoes with a little ricotta on toast!) Oh, and sauteed mushrooms on toast. I love any foodstuff sauteed or roasted and then served on toast. Baked beans on toast!

Salad for breakfast? Yes, yes, yes! Butter lettuce, avocado, sauteed mushrooms, and roasted tomatoes, finished with a poached or fried egg. Divine.

If none of these inspire, check out this thorough Mr. Breakfast website, which claims to offer more than 2,700 recipes! (I used a lot of exclamation points in this post, but I just adore savoury breakfast foods.)


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